Thursday, June 2, 2011

Again with the jinxing........A.K.A. - Day 4

A good day for PTBC.

2 steps forward........dry pull-ups after nap time.

1 step back.......who needs the potty when you're playing outside in your bathing suit with the water hose??

2 steps forward.........Sofia was upstairs alone and she went to the potty ALL ON HER OWN. She came downstairs.......wearing only her shirt and proudly proclaiming "I pooped in the potty!" (she really did! Which earned her 4 M&Ms and a sticker on the sticker chart).

1 step back.........I nearly busted my @$$ in the upstairs hall bathroom because she didn't quite make it to the potty to pee.

2 steps forward........Olivia was just crying from her bed (after having been in her bed for an hour and a half) for her Daddy. When Daddy got to her room, she let him know she needed to use the potty.

We'll take it. Day 5.......bring it on.**

In other non-potty-related news, we've had a few other firsts today.

You may remember that we've had a gate in the doorway to the girls' room since the beginning to keep our dog out.'s been a while since the dog has been gone but the gate remained. Until last night. After the girls were asleep, D took the gate down. Why last night, you may be asking? No particular was just as good a time to do it as any, I guess. And eventually so they can have access to the bathroom on their own. So this morning I heard the girls talking in their room and when I went in, Sofia was laying with Olivia in Olivia's bed and they were playing their computers. As Olivia was walking out of her room, she walked over where the gate used to be.....took a few more steps.....then turned around and says "Hey! The gate is gone!" -- they didn't even know it was gone - ha! Nap time wasn't so bad either --- Olivia was tired and ready for a nap (see below). Sofia, not so much and I found her standing in the hallway on a return trip back upstairs. I took her back to her bed and she stayed there until she finished napping. Tonight has been great, too --- way better than I thought it would be. I was expecting something similar to herding cats.

And another not-so-fun first......we had our first insect sting today. We took the girls to the play area in our neighborhood and while she was climbing down from one of the platforms, Olivia was stung on her thumb by a wasp. I noticed a couple flying around her and when I saw 2 more I realized there must have been a nest nearby --- before I could get to her, one got her on her thumb. Poor thing. She cried. She wouldn't go near the playground again. We left. After we got home, there was ice.....a bandage (that's what the girls call them -- I have no clue where they got that from -D and I call them has to be Dora - ha!).....and an episode of Dora and all was right with the world again. We watched her closely to make sure there was no allergic reaction but after a nice long nap, she's been fine.

A busy day for sure!

And just because she's so darn cute........

** Again........don't mistake my highlights for an indication of the ease of this task. We have yet to venture away from home and I've totally lost track of all the one-steps-back - haha!

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