Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two peas in a pod

These have to be the cutest pajamas I've ever seen!!

Ah and how can I resist a chance to show off Sofia's long eyelashesOlivia wants you to know that she has long eyelashes, too. She just didn't want to show them off to the camera. Hey - speaking of long eyelashes, here's a recap of a conversation I had recently. it a conversation when there's only one participant??!!

Total Stranger: "Oh my goodness will you just look at those long eyelashes."

TS looks at girls. Then looks at me. And looks at me some more. Then looks back at the girls and says (to the know...because they're going to answer back), "Where on earth did you girls get such long eyelashes?" And walks off before I can even give their Daddy credit where credit is know.......because they surely didn't come from me.

"Hey mom.....this is supposed to be about us"

Oh right. So here are my sweet little girls.....Trying to break out.....

Cause you know..............two heads are better than one!!

We originally put this gate at the door to their room to keep the dog out......but lately I'm realizing that it's just as much to keep the girls in!!

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