Thursday, April 21, 2011

A whole half a year!

I can't believe our Bella is 6 months old today! I might have shed a tear or two. A whole half a year has gone by since she joined our family........I don't think it could have gone by any faster. Just look at how much she's grown!

And I have to say. Even if I have said this before. The girls were great babies. Happy babies. We were so scared Bella was going to be our "payback kid". I say that with all the love in the world....but seriously. Who gets lucky more than once with great babies? Apparently we do because Bella is the most laid back and happiest baby I've ever seen. She's so easy-going. So smiley. Loves to "talk" and (now that we've had reflux under control for months and months) rarely cries.

I'm totally biased....but just look at this sweet face!!

So! What's been going on with Bella? Well I said the other day that I was pretty sure Bella had rolled to her tummy for the first time......and it was probably the last time for a long time. Boy was I wrong! D said she's been rolling all day today! She still hasn't figured out how to get back on to her back, but that's definitely progress!

We're also making progress with sitting. Although she doesn't sit on her own just yet, she's "thiiiiiiis close!"

We've tried most fruit.....she's loving some applesauce and bananas.

She has the "grabbiest" hands. She reaches for everything with purpose and takes everything straight to her mouth just as forcefully.

She loves to sleep on her side...with her legs curled up and her thumb in her mouth. (Must. get. picture!)

She loves her sisters. She lights up when she sees them!

We've just moved her to a size FOUR diaper. (Yep.....she's ha-youge!).

We go for her 6-month check-up tomorrow so we'll see how much she weighs....but I'm guessing she's tipping the scales at a good 18.5 lbs!

We are so incredibly blessed with this sweet baby girl!

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Jessica said...

Absolutely precious!! Happy 6 mos Bella! :)