Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

What a great day we've had! I'm happily exhausted and not feeling so creative. Which means nothing is different, right?!?!?!! It's can laugh. So. How about a list to see what we've been up to today....

* We didn't have huge discussions about the Easter this morning when we told the girls we should go downstairs to see if the Easter bunny had been by, Sofia immediately proclaimed she was scared and wouldn't walk down the stairs.

* Candy was on the menu for each and every meal
* I was putting tights on Sofia as I was getting her dressed for church and she goes "These are my socks-pants." I laughed so hard I had tears. She was kinda right!

* We went to church with my sister and it happens to be the church where the girls go to MMO. As we were driving, the girls recognized where we were driving and immediately became upset because they didn't want to go to school. They wanted to see Grandma and Aunt RaRa.

* We sat down in the sanctuary and the music and singing were beautiful....but very loud. Olivia was scared. She alternated between crying very loudly and hiding under Bella's blanket. Luckily the music covered her crying and I was hoping she was going to make it. When the music and singing stopped, Olivia proclaimed "I gotta get outta here!" Yeah. People could hear that.

* We ended up leaving about 20 mins into the service. At least they got to wear their Easter dresses!

* Part of the service included someone who walked into the back of the church and down one of the aisles and he was portraying Jesus. He walked to the front during singing / music. As we were driving away from the church, D was telling me that when he went to the bathroom before sitting down in church, some guy and "Jesus" came in. "So I'm in the bathroom and I look over and "Jesus" is fixing his hair and talking with this other guy who is complaining about his wife."

* We went to Wal-Mart. On Easter Sunday. I'm quite embarrassed about that but it was a necessity. The Easter bunny totally forgot C-batteries.

* We had about 25 people over to our house after church including lots of kids. We had an Easter egg hunt in our front yard. There must have been 400 eggs. It took us longer to put them out than it did for the kids to pick them was hilarious --- it was like a swarm of kids and once they passed over an area, it was cleaned out.

* Sofia learned how to blow bubbles. Soap bubbles...not bubble gum!

* Bella sat up for the first time today! With lots of help from the Boppy....but it definitely counts! And she was so sweet today.....she was all smiles and jabbering!

* The girls were totally exhausted by 7pm. Olivia was sound asleep when I put her into the bathtub. Sofia fell asleep on the stairs waiting for her turn in the bathtub.

I told you it was a great day!!!
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