Monday, April 18, 2011

It's a little blurry, but......

D sent this picture to me last week.........

Miss Bella is working on sitting up. I'll be the first to admit........she spends a lot of time in arms....which doesn't help the whole sitting up thing. But I tell myself that she won't go to kindergarden not knowing how to sit up. That makes sense, right?! I thought so, too.

Can I tell you that Sofia's new thing is telling us what she likes and doesn't like. "Mommy...I no like flowers on my shirt." "Mommy....I like ice cream." "Mommy.....I no like to go to bed." I can't remember if I've said this already here, but all of a sudden it feels like Sofia has been talking up a storm. I mean......I think she's been speaking clearly for a while......but it seems like over the last week or two we've been having more conversations with her. I have a feeling we are approaching that stage where she asks a lot of tonight. I dropped a carton (with the two remaining eggs inside) on the floor. Of course the eggs broke..........and Sofia is right there. "Mommy......why you drop my eggs and make yellow all over the floor?" (I was making eggs for dinner) " cleaning up a mess? You cleaning up the yellow mess?". "Mommy......what you doing here (with) my eggs?". "Mommy....I love my eggs."

Cute........but I think we're in for a lot of questions. Did I mention Olivia came running up to where I was cleaning up the eggs and goes "What you doing here, guys?"

Too funny!

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Jessica said...

LOL! Toddler conversations are so cute...and too funny! We seem to be stuck in a "what's that?" stage around here. I think I answer that question 1000 times a day!