Monday, March 21, 2011

Speaking of five......Bella is 5 months old!

.......aaaand another month has gone by "just like that." Wow.
It's getting harder to take pictures of Bella in this chair.....when I was taking these today, she kept leaning forward trying to sit up away from the back of the chair. She's not sitting up on her own yet, but you can definitely tell she's getting better with her balance.

So. What have we done this month? We've started rice cereal and she loves it......she's getting closer and closer to rolling from her back to her tummy.........she's really good at reaching and grabbing toys and then they go straight to her mouth. Everything goes straight to her mouth. See?
And oh my goodness...what a happy baby! She wakes up in the morning and I could stand there for hours listening to her "talk". When she sees us....any of us - me, D or the big girls - she lights up. Love that.
Oh! Another milestone.........we may have taken our last outing with Bella riding in this.......
Yep.....we may just be finished for good (this time - ha!) with infant carriers. Miss Bella has pretty much outgrown her car seat.......and it's getting harder and harder to carry her in we made a trip this evening and bought a big girl go along with the big girl car seat that will very soon make its way into the car. Do you think Isabella is upset about this??!! either!!
I can't believe it's been five months.......and although our baby girl is growing (and that makes me just a little sad!!), we can't wait to see what she's doing next!

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