Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Oh how I have neglected my blog! It was totally unintentional.....days passed which turned in to a know how it goes. I've been working out of town for the last couple of weeks so there's really not been much to say........after all, you don't want to hear about debits and credits, right? So while I've been working, D sends me pictures like this one....... and this one.......... and I know everything is good at home. It's hilarious...we can't keep Sofia out of the bouncer. She can climb in all on her own. Getting out? Not so much! So she bounces for a bit and then "Ayudame!" It's hilarious -- she always asks for help in Spanish when she's gotten stuck in that bouncer. So! My apologies for not being so entertaining this morning, but hey -- you got to see cute pictures of my kids, right? Oh. Are you thinking what I'm thinking about the picture of D and Isabella sleeping.........if I'm out of town........and he's sleeping.............mmmmhmmm.

Back to debits and credits I go!

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Jessica said...

LOVE the pic of D & B! Priceless! And in the second pic, it looks like B wants to be over where S&O are...those little legs are pushing her so hard in their direction. Too cute!