Saturday, March 19, 2011

And then there were five.......

Miss Reese decided she was ready to join us today!! And when I told Bella that her new baby cousin was on her way, here's what she said.........

Oh yes. We were all that excited since we weren't expecting her for another 2 weeks. So...without further delay.....I introduce:
Caroline Reese
6lb 14oz & 19" long
She's so adorable and so tiny! And her arrival was quite some drama for such a little girl! R had been shopping this morning when labor pains started.......and C and Carter had gone fishing. Apparently they write down the time when they "check" you in to the hospital....and R was checked in at 11:16am.....and Miss Reese was here at 12:02pm. Uh read that right....less than an hour. R had not even been formally admitted before she was here -- they had just checked her in to triage. And *poof* it was over. Well. My sister will probably strangle me with her bare hands after reading the *poof* part since they had no time for the epidural to take effect. She said afterwards "People who choose to do that willingly are crazy!" I think one of the nurses is walking around the hospital still trying to regain feeling in her hand!!

But! Reese is here and we're all so excited. Carter was so funny today -- any time a nurse was with Reese when Reese would start to cry, he would look at the nurse with this matter of fact look on his face and say "She doesn't like you." hahaha!

So! The full moon worked......and to top all that off, she was born on her Daddy's birthday. How cool is that?!
Grandma and Papa sure do have their hands full now with FIVE grand babies!! I think it's fun to say they have 5 grand babies under the age of five. But then I say it again and it makes me really tired to think about - hahahahaha!

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