Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bathtub serenade

It's been a while so I thought I'd put up another cute video of my amazingly talented kids. : ) I know what you're thinking. I seem to always know what you're thinking, don't I? "Another video in the bathtub? Don't you film your kids anywhere else?" And to answer your question....I do! But....those videos aren't nearly as fun since, these days, they end up being a shot of the floor in our house with little voices off-camera going "Lemme see, Mommy!" "I can hold the camera, Mommy." " taking a picture of me?"

So! The bathtub it is! Where else can you contain two active toddlers in a small space with no room to run, but they're still having fun?!!

I love how Olivia starts singing....then needs to start over, but she apologizes first. I also love at the end when she's finishing the song, her face gets so serious like she's hitting the highest note ever!

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