Thursday, March 3, 2011

You're hiding? Really?; aka...How dare you post without pictures

So D calls me at work yesterday and he's laughing.......he tells me he was playing hide & seek with the girls. The big girls. Because how can Bella find a hiding place if she can't walk. Or crawl. Or even knows what hiding is.

By the way. I can't stop myself from using "the girls" for Olivia and Sofia. I'm sure you can usually tell when I mean O&S versus all 3 excuse me for the confusion. If there is any. And I promise I'll tell you if Isabella has turned into super baby and is actually included with "the girls" for something you're just certain has to be Olivia and Sofia........

But I digress. Moving on!

So he's playing hide & seek with the girls and he tells them to hide while he counts. They run off to our front living room and when he goes to look for them, he finds them on the couch. Olivia is laying face down on the couch and Sofia is sitting up with her eyes closed. HA! I think it's so awesome how little kids think they can close their eyes and everything around them disappears.

I'm sure D is now on a mission to teach them to hide better. I just hope he doesn't teach them too well! We've already had a few instances where, all of a sudden, we realize that we're missing a kid. We know they're in the house (our doors are set to beep through the alarm system when one of them is opened, and we would definitely notice that. That's a pretty great feature, btw) but still...they're missing. We usually find them in a closet just standing there quietly. Well except for Olivia. You can usually call her name and she goes "Yeeesssss?!" - haha. And we did find Sofia "hiding" in the pantry once. She was so worn out from all that hiding that she needed to help herself to the miniature chocolate bars left from Halloween that were in there. When I opened the pantry door, there she stood with wrappers in her hands and chocolate on her face.

"Mommy...I hiding!"
Mmmmhmmmm.....and you're eating, too!

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