Sunday, February 20, 2011

Catching up

You know those great friendships where you may not talk (whether by phone, email, FB or whatever) with someone very consistently, but once you make time to get together, you can spend hours talking like old friends? I've known Miss C (well....she's actually Mrs. C, but we laugh because my dad calls her Miss Miss C it is!) for 10+ years where I met her where I worked during college. We were laughing back then......and a couple of weeks ago we got to spend the day laughing over lunch like it was another day at the office.

Miss C was nice enough to hit the road for the 2-hour drive to our house 2 weeks ago and we spent the day catching up. I had told the girls that Mommy's friend was coming over and they were going to get to meet her. Usually the girls take a good 10 mins or so to warm up to people but within a couple of minutes of Miss C's arrival, the girls were showing off like they had known her as long as I had! It was so funny.....and I think they're just an excellent judge of character. Sofia kept pointing to Miss C and saying" this your friend?" and Olivia was doing this funny little laugh while she was drawing pictures on her board. They were quite entertaining!

We had a fantastic visit - it was so awesome to catch up for the day! We grabbed some pictures when we came back from lunch and before Miss C hit the road back home.

Me and Miss C

Isabella enjoyed meeting Miss C.....she was napping before we left for lunch but she was wide awake by the time we got back. The big girls had just gotten up from their nap and they weren't too excited about getting their picture taken. have to take what you can get, right?!!!
In other catching's been a busy couple of weeks around here......we had a baby shower for my sister and Baby Reese who is due in just a few weeks.......Tio A came home on leave from his deployment in Iraq.......and I went back to work after being out for 5 months for Bella's birth. Wow... 5 months. It sounds so long....that's almost half a year.....but boy did it go by so fast! I must say.....going back was pretty uneventful. The day before I started back, I had some quiet time with Bella before everyone else woke up and I will admit that I shed a few tears......but when the actual day arrived, I did well. I was proud of myself!

Pictures of the last couple of weeks coming soon.....but for now I have one hungry baby who never ever gets to eat. Ha!

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