Monday, February 21, 2011

Guess who's 4 months old........

This girl!
That's right......another month has flown by and Miss Bella is growing, growing, growing. She has her 4-month appointment on Thursday so we'll get a weight check (I'm guessing in the 16lb range) and some shots (shhhh.....don't tell her!). We were actually on our way for her 4-month visit about a week and a half ago when my cell phone was the pediatrician's office. Instantly I was worried that "BabyBrain" had struck again and our appointment was actually at 8:20 and not 8:40.....but instead, they were calling and asking if we would reschedule. They had a waiting room full of kids they thought had the flu and were trying to keep all of their well babies away. Yes please! So.....Thursday it is.

We've seen some cool things from Isabella this month. She's reaching for toys deliberately now and getting them straight to her mouth. Her motions have gotten much smoother and you can tell she doesn't get as frustrated. She's also found her feet! I can't believe I don't yet have a picture of that, but when she's laying on the floor.....or anywhere, really, her legs are in the air (think a sitting position, except she's laying on her back) and she's grabbing her feet. We've also seen her start rolling to her sides to reach for the toys on her activity mat. I don't know....we may see some rolling over in the coming month!!

It's so cool to see her learn new things, and every new thing we watch makes me remember back to the big girls. Speaking of the big girls -- Bella loves her sisters. Whenever they're in the room, Bella is turning her head to keep her eyes on them and she gets the biggest smile on her face! She's tracking everyone really well and it's cute to see her squirm and try to follow people when they walk behind her.

Funny story. It's been a running joke between D and I that, of our 3 kids, I have to have one who favors me over him. Olivia and Sofia have him wrapped around their cute little fingers and they know it....Daddy is definitely the favorite. So of course that makes me Isabella's favorite, right?!?! D might have disagreed until last night. I was in our room and he was putting Bella to bed. I could hear her crying.....he was trying to rock to her.....walk with her......nothing was working. As he came into our room to talk about what could possibly be wrong with her, when Bella saw me she stopped crying and got the biggest grin on her face. D walked out of the room with her and the crying started. Back into the room -- see me -- crying stops. Yep......I'm the favorite!

Except for tonight..........

when she was totally over pictures!

Happy four months, Bella!!

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