Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ya can't make this stuff up, people

I love where we live. I really do. I grew up here and although I initially had not planned to move "back home", I hope we get to raise our kids here.

But just gotta shake your head at people. I mean really.
Today Isabella and I made a trip to our discount store and it was way more interesting than I expected. I was getting Bella's stroller out of the back of the car - I was aware there was a car behind me but I didn't think anything of it - and I hear a lady ask me if I was leaving. She was stalking my pretty fantastic parking space......but I was so confused because I was wondering what was wrong with all the empty ones that were just a few spaces past me. It was a pretty nice day today......walk just a little, people!
So we're heading inside and although it's a pretty nice day, it's still winter. I mean....40 and sunny is nice compared to the 20 and snow we had the other week, right? So you can imagine my surprise when I see a kid wearing a t-shirt and sandals. While (I'm assuming) her parent is all bundled up....fleece, hat..the works. I totally get that you have to pick your battles with kids....but I'm thinking I'd fight that battle pretty hard....or we'd be staying home. Yeah....I totally judged.
We get closer to the entrance and I'm marveling at how the couple saying goodbye to eachother managed to both fit on the moped they were standing next to. They're average sized people....I just never thought of a moped as a 2-person mode of transportation. That had to be a scary ride for the person hanging off the back. My pondering was interrupted when I realized that she was kissing him while he had a cigarette hanging out of the side of his mouth. I've never seen that before. I must really have no talent.
We make it inside and I realize that my shopping partner has fallen asleep under all the blankets. And you have to see just how she was sleeping.......
Classic, right?!!

So we're wandering and I hear "Oh what a sweet little baby! What is his name?" I'm surprised at how often this happens.....but I'm always polite because let's face it....I love showing off my kids! So I smile and say "Her name is Isabella"......and she coos at her for a few seconds more and, as she's walking away, says "He sure is a cute one."

I'm telling can't make this stuff up, people!

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