Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Espanol, por favor!

I know, I know -- enough with the videos already, right?!!! But I just can't help it. I'm on a video kick and I'm taking you along with me! Besides -- have you tried to get pictures of 2 year-olds recently? Trust me -- it's a lot of pictures of the backs of heads or other body parts as they're running away because, apparently, they're just so over pictures. I had to tell you that because I was looking back over recent posts on the blog and I noticed there were many more pictures of Isabella recently. You know....the stationary kid! But don't worry.....there's video of her coming soon, too!!

This video is Sofia showing off her counting skills. If you're impressed that she's counting, can I just tell you that she's counting in Spanish? It's just been recently that D has been speaking to all the girls much more in Spanish so they're getting better and better, but they're quite good with their numbers and colors. Well - the big girls are. You'd seriously be impressed if I was also talking about Isabella. And I'd seriously be trying to get her on Oprah as the smartest kid ever........but alas I'm still planning on heading back to work in a couple more weeks. Unless we win the lottery. But I digress.

So! As promised......Sofia and her Spanish!

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