Sunday, January 9, 2011


What's this I hear about a little bit of snow coming? I'm trying a little reverse psychology on Mother Nature and I haven't been following the weather. Usually I'm all over it -- I'm a total breaking news (including breaking weather) junkie but this See -- reverse psychology. (Sounds clever, right? Actually....there's not much breaking news on NickJr......maybe if Dora got lost....that would be breaking news......) Now I'm not prepared and we'll get feet. Hey - this is the south - we won't get feet. But we'll treat 6" as feet, right??!!!

In true snow-coming spirit, I went to the grocery store last night. In our defense, we usually do our grocery shopping some time during the weekend -- usually Sunday. I was the lucky one to go yesterday. I think D was driving home from work and saw the parking lot packed and decided he would "let" me go. Apparently it's been quite a while since I've been to the grocery store.......I was talking to my sister as I pulled into the parking lot (which, btw, was fairly empty....everyone must have taken a break for dinner) I commented that the store had gotten new shopping carts. After a pause, my sister goes " really has been a while since you've been there." Ha!

So. Should we get the "big" winter weather we're expecting -- at least we'll be able to eat. Well - as long as the power doesn't go out.

I can tell you -- I think I know two little girls who will enjoy the snow this year. They weren't too sure about it last year, but then again they had only been walking for a very short time so they weren't too sure about walking in snow. This year, though- - I think it's on! We shall see!

We practiced being in the cold today..........(Sofia first, then Olivia)

Hopefully we'll have a nice white background tomorrow! Spoken just like someone who is still on leave and who has no reason to leave the house should we get snow, right??!!!

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Cincerely said...

Need the hat & coat in my size! Gorgeous (that includes the girls, haha)