Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I spy.....with my little eye.....something that is

I would like to introduce you to:
and Yellow.
Do I need to tell you how Brown and Yellow got their names?!?!! Here's the thing. How do you explain adjectives to a 2-year old?? " have my Brown." "Oh. You want your brown doll?" "Yes - I want my brown." We go through this with everything -- and you can imagine how it gets to be a game when we have no clue what they're talking about. It's like a big ole' game of I Spy. Where the adult rarely wins - ha!
S or O:"Mommy -- me have my blue!"
Mommy: "Your blue what? Your blue cup?"
S or O:"No - me have my blue!"
Mommy:"Your blue shirt?"
Mommy: "How about we have a cookie?"
Aaaaaand the game promptly ends. Until they want something that's another color - ha!
And btw......aren't Brown and Yellow too cute? They're actually baby Snow White and baby Cinderella.

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