Sunday, January 16, 2011

Peace and quiet

There's not much sweeter than a precious sleeping baby, no?
And how about sweet baby hands??
I could just eat them up!
I wish I could say it's been this peaceful all the time around here these past few days - ha! You know.......the sun is shining and the snow is melting......the big girls, with their halos shimmering, are playing nicely together......the house is spotless. Can't you just hear the angels singing??!!! either - haha. I don't know what it is, but we've hit quite a rough patch with Olivia these past few days. I keep reminding myself "She's only 2" (well....2 years, 7 months, 2 weeks and 6 days.......but who's counting, right?) or "This, too, shall pass". But is that really it? Is that all I can hang my hat on? I mean I really want that to be it, but boy oh boy.
Example #1. We had lunch at D's mom's restaurant yesterday.....the girls ate and were smiling at the people around us. We had fruit. We had juice. We had mini muffins. All was right with the world. Then D took Olivia to change her diaper and all of a sudden I could hear her screaming from the bathroom. The restaurant isn't that big, mind you, but still. The door was closed....the place was busy....and I could hear my daughter screaming like he was taking her limbs off. D and I traded places after he tried for a few minutes and that seemed to set her off even more. Apparently she didn't want the diaper with the circles (regular diaper)- - she wanted the pink diaper (a pull-up.......potty training is equally as unsuccessful right now and that's a whole 'nother post!). We had no pink diapers. Cue the fit. But then.......she didn't want her tights on......she didn't want her shoes on......she didn't want to sit up......she didn't want to walk.....she didn't want me to hold her......she didn't want me......she didn't want Daddy. And then it finally happened. D picked Olivia up and she managed to wiggle herself sideways so he carried her out of the restaurant under his arm.....with her kicking and screaming all the way. I was mortified and watching other people as he walked by. All of the parents were giving us a totally sympathetic and knowing look. All of the non-parents by choice were secretly smiling at the confirmation of their choice......and all of the non-parents who are planning to be parents one day were all of a sudden wondering if they wanted to be - haha. I kid, I kid.
Imagine the looks as I stopped at our table to get our 2 other children!!!!!!! D and Olivia were in the car when I got out there and she was still screaming. She alternated between screaming and sleeping all the way home.
How do you discipline that????
Example #2. Today we just put the girls down for a nap.....or these days it's a couple of hours of quiet play time because they seem to have decided they no longer need naps (please, no!) when all of a sudden Sofia starts screaming. A pain scream, not a throwing-a-fit scream. When I got to her, Olivia had a huge clump of her hair in Olivia's hand. It hurt my head to see how much hair she had pulled out.
Sigh. This, too, shall pass........they're only two. And a half. Plus another month or so. Haha!
Don't get me wrong -- we have many more good days than bad but boy-oh-boy we've had a couple of doozies!

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