Friday, January 14, 2011

Childproof THIS, Mommy!

I had changed Olivia the other day and she was mad when I took her down from the changing table we keep in our dining room (you know....the room most people have and rarely use....makes a great changing room!). So I leave her and her fit she's throwing on the floor in dining room and go about whatever I was doing. Until I hear "Heeeeeelllllpp!" We always check this out because you never know with 2-year olds.

I go to check out what all the fuss is about and I find Olivia.........sitting on the changing table......and she can't get down. I asked D if he put her up there (not that he would put her up there and then leave the room!).....and I put her down only to watch her climb back up the table. I was totally shocked. Out of both of them, Olivia is the one I would think would be least likely to do something like that.

So I did what every responsible parent would do. I grabbed the video camera, of course!

After the repeat performance we had a big discussion about how we don't climb up the furniture like that. Thankfully, she's not tried it again since.

My oh my.

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