Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A chat with Sofia

I had the following conversation with Sofia the other night when we were getting out of the car to go to the mall. I can't tell you how hilarious it was -- there was no stopping her. This whole conversation took place in a very short time.......I kept thinking "Is she ever going to take a breath??!!"

Sofia: "Mommy - what you doing?"
Mommy: "I'm unbuckling your seat belt."
S: "You unbuckle your seat belt?"
M: "Yes ma'am."
S:"Mommy - what you doing?"
M:"I'm unbuckling Olivia's seat belt."
S:"Livie - Mommy unbuckle your seat belt. Mommy - I need help you get down."
S:"Mommy - what's Daddy's doing?"
M:"Daddy's getting Bella out of the car so we can go shopping."
S:"Daddy's getting Bella's out of car. Mommy - we go shopping?"
M:"Yes -we're going into the mall."
S:"Mommy - I ride in stroller."
M:"Yes -you can ride in the stroller."
S:"Mommy - I ride in stroller?"
S:"Mommy - you drop keys?"
M:"Yes, honey, I dropped the keys."
S:"Mommy - you pick 'em up?"
M:"Yes - I picked the keys up."
S (as she sees a group of people walking across the parking lot): "Hi friends! Mommy - what's the friends doing?"
M:"It looks like they're talking."
S:"Mommy - the friends are talking?"
M:"Yes the friends are talking."
S (to the group of people again):"Hi friends!"

By this time we're starting to walk to the mall and she's still going

S (as an older lady walks in front of us): "Hi Nana! Mommy - that's a Nana?"
M:"She could be somebody's Nana, but she's not your Nana."
S (as an older gentleman walks in front of us): "Papa! Mommy - it's Papa?"
M:"That's not your Papa, sweetie."
S:"Mommy - I love goldfish. I love juice."

I was laughing so hard at her --- it was like rapid-fire conversation that was all over the place! And just so you know -- Nana is my grandmother - Sofia's great-grandmother. The girls think every older lady with salt & pepper hair is "a Nana." We were eating lunch at D's mom's restaurant one day and an older lady walked in and was standing fairly close to where we were sitting and one of the girls, I think it was Olivia, goes (in a very loud voice) "Hey! It's a Nana!"

Miss Sofia is quite the Chatty Cathy, isn't she??!!!

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