Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How could I possibly forget.....

In my last post I said there wasn't much to report. Well.....there's still not much to report, but I did forget a (now) funny story that happened last night.

So we have *this* monitor for Bella's room......we used it for the girls. I loved it then and I love it now. I'm sure there's some false sense of security involved, but I'll take even the slightest bit of peace of mind. And it's no worse than not having any kind of monitor at all, right?

Anyhow. So early this morning as we were sleeping soundly, the monitor went off. There's a sensor pad under the mattress that's so sensitive it detects the movement from Isabella's body breathing while she's sleeping. The sensor is under the center of the mattress and it doesn't reach the extreme edges of the mattress. The funny (now) part is my reaction when the alarm went off (I did this with the girls, as well) --- the beeping starts and I manage to jump 5 feet in the air and land on my feet on the floor (very cat-like, no? and I hate cats).....stumbling to our bedroom door before I even get my eyes open. By this time I've bruised myself on whatever was in my way....oh - and the monitor has stopped beeping, too.

I've yet to lose my footing and hit the ground during my sleepy dash through the bedroom door, but there was this time with the big girls when, allegedly, I was beating up on D to beat him out of the bedroom door. I say allegedly because I was asleep.....and he could be making up anything - haha!

So anyway. Nothing earth-shattering or even that juicy, but if you know me hopefully you've gotten a chuckle from the mental image of me flying through the door. Oh. And this morning, our little angel had managed to scoot herself to the very bottom of her bed and turn herself sideways. Who knew!

Oh. And it just occurred to me that this whole experience, each time that monitor goes off in the middle of the night, is double for D.......the surprise of the monitor and then I'm sure I scare the crap out of him when I do my acrobatic leap out of bed. Poor guy!

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