Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Say Uncle!

We've had such a great day today. These past few weeks have been filled with whines and melt-downs....such is life with 2-year olds, I guess, but today was a really good day. It's days like this that make me really sad to have to go back to work. Not just the normal sadness at the thought. And we didn't even do anything spectacular.....the girls are getting taller and although their pants still fit in the waist, they truly do look like they're waiting for a flood. (Can I just tell you....they're...well they were....still wearing 18 mos pants. My almost-three-year-olds. Well - 2 years, 8 mos and 6 days, but who's counting, right?! 18 mos pants!) So we headed to the store and found some great deals on pants. I love a bargain- - especially when you're buying 2 of everything! The girls were sitting nicely in the cart saying "Hi" to everyone who walked by. When we were paying at the register, the cashier handed us our bags and Olivia looks at me and says "Thank you for my clothes, Mommy!" I'm not even kidding. Totally unprompted. Melt.My.Heart!

Afterwards we went for a late lunch and met Uncle A who is home on leave from Iraq. The girls have been so funny -- when I told them Uncle A would be home yesterday, they spent the rest of the day asking where he was....was he here. When he got to our house, they turned all shy. Sofia finally warmed up almost before Uncle A left and as he was walking out to his car, Olivia came tearing down the hallway going "Where's Uncle A's going?!?!" The warm-up period took much less time today!

And here's where the story turns into a fairy we were sitting at the table eating, Olivia (who was rubbing her eyes) says "Mommy....I wanna take a nap!" And the heavens opened with rays of rainbows and the angels sang. Neither of the girls ever ask to take a nap. I had to resist the urge to throw all of our food in a take-home box and run for home. Had it not been for the stern look I got from D as I went to yank the sandwich out of his hands, we really would have been outta there - haha!

So anyway -- as you can see just a regular day where everyone was happy and well behaved. They're usually very happy. If you could see the hilarity in the evenings around here. Case in point..........
This is Sofia. Proving she is, indeed, the big sister!!

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