Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You don't say......

Wanna hear some toddler-driven conversations we've had lately? You must....but first - check this out:

Funny, right?!? I don't remember what I was doing, but I noticed it was fairly quiet and this is what I saw when I walked into the family room. Hilarious! For the recent conversations we've had.

Me: "Okay girls - let's put your shoes on to go bye-bye."
Olivia: "No thanks. I stay here."
Me: "Um. Well - you have about 15 more years before you can stay here when Mommy and Daddy leave."

Me: "Livie, are you feeling okay?"
Olivia: "Yes, Mommy, I happy."

Sofia: "RRRAAAAAAARRRR! Mommy - I scare Bella!"

Sofia (to anyone other than me or D who is holding Bella): "Hey.....that's Mommy's Bella!"
"Mommy - is that your Bella?"
Mommy: "Yes, sweetie, that's Mommy's and Daddy's and Olivia's and Sofia's Bella."
Sofia: "Mommy can I hold it?"

Olivia: "Mommy - I no change-a diaper anymore."
Me: "Oh really? You're not changing your diaper anymore?"
Olivia: "No. No change-a diaper anymore."
Sofia: "Mommy - I not pee-pee anymore."
Me: "Oh wow. Are you sure?"
Olivia & Sofia: "I sure."

Mommy: "Come on girls, let's go play."
Olivia: "Mommy, I tired. I lay down."
Mommy: "Oh then we better go upstairs and take a nap."
Olivia (jumping up from the couch): "Mommy! I not tired anymore!"

Heard over the monitor one morning:

Sofia: "Livie - you want Mommy?"
Olivia: "No - I want Daddy."
Sofia: "Livie - is Daddy take a shower?"
Olivia: "No. Daddy not take a shower."
Sofia: "Livie - is Daddy at work?"
Olivia: "No. Daddy not work."
Sofia: "Livie - is Daddy pee-pee potty?"
Olivia: "Yes. Daddy pee-pee potty. Pia - I want Mommy."

Also heard over the monitor one day:

Sofia: "Livie - catch!"
Olivia: "Okay, Pia, I catch."
[BAM]...apparently there was a real golf ball in their room. Thank goodness Olivia hasn't learned to catch something that small. And that Sofia's aim isn't that great either.

Sofia: "Mommy......I love toast. I love cupcakes. I love Grandma. I love moon. I love crayons. I love story. I love school. I love birthday cake. I love stars."
Mommy: "Okay....but what do you want for breakfast?"

and finally.......

Sofia: "Look Mommy! I cwapping!"
Mommy: "You're what?" Sofia: "I cwapping!"
Mommy: "Ooooohhhh. Sweetie, we've got to work on your L's"

(it goes without saying that Sofia doesn't actually know the word it sounded like she was saying!)

They definitely keep us on our toes!!!

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Jessica said...

LOVE the photo...and the conversations too! Merry Christmas!