Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snip, snip, snip!!

The girls had their very first haircut today!! We've been talking about taking them for a while but I just wasn't ready to do it. When I finally said something to D, he jumped right on it and was ready to go - haha. I will admit -- our original plan was to take them yesterday when they got up from their nap. I got the girls up and downstairs....Isabella was in her carseat ready to go....and then. Major. Meltdown. Times two. So! We postponed our outing until this morning.

D and I were talking afterwards about how we were so nervous to see how the girls would act. It honestly could have gone either way. I could totally picture Olivia getting in the chair and then, half way through, deciding "I don't want it!" and we'd have a kid with half a haircut - haha!

But!! We were very pleasantly surprised because both girls did awesome! They sat right down and were easily entertained by the puzzles and the tv. Yes. The tv. This place was awesome -- both cutting stations had televisions with kid-friendly shows to keep their attention. The whole place was very cool and just for kids!

Here are a few pictures -- Sofia is in the blue drape and Olivia in the purple.

Two different people cut their hair and Olivia's ended up being a little shorter than Sofia's. And yes. It drives me nuts! But....I'm learning to let go - haha!! But they both turned out quite cute, don't you think?!

Sigh. Another big first to mark off the list. My babies aren't babies anymore!

Oh. So a funny story. Sofia was sitting at a little table flipping through a book waiting to leave and this little girl (younger than Sofia) walked up to the table and was looking at Sofia and saying "Dora! Dora!" Sofia had a Dora book so I didn't think much of it, but then the little girl's mom goes "Oh she's calling your daughter Dora! Does that happen alot?"

Me: "Ummmm.....Nooooooo" (in a curious sort of tone because, frankly, I think she's crazy....but then I'm secretly wondering if Sofia has watched so much Dora that she's actually turning in to Dora........)

Lady: "Oh. Well it must be the hair and the purple shirt."

Photo courtesy of Google Image
Anyone else think they look alike? Anyone? either, but I thought it was quite funny!!

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