Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Daddy! My Daddy!

The girls are big in to ownership these days.......

"Mommy, is that Sophie's blanket?" (Oh yes - and Sofia has taken to calling herself 'Sophie'.....Sofie??)
"That's Livie's seat"
"No, no, Pia -- that's mine!"
"Is that Mommy's baby?"

And most recently, they've been having conversations about whose Mommy and Daddy it is.
"Is that Sophie's Daddy?"
"Is that my Mommy?"

I heard them over the monitor the other morning talking to eachother and Sofia would say "I want my Daddy." Then Olivia would say "I want my Mommy." Then they would switch.

But let's be honest here.......when it comes down to it, it's still really all about Daddy. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard "My Daddy, my Daddy!!" just today.....I wouldn't have to go back to work in February. I'm serious.

So here's a funny story. I went to pick up the girls from MMO this afternoon without D -- it's the first time I've ever picked them up by myself. As I was walking down the hall towards their classroom, the kids were coming out of the classroom to sit by their backpacks. When the girls saw me they started running towards me saying "Mommy! Mommy!".....but they stopped just short of me, looked past me and one of them said "Where's my Daddy??"

I told them that Daddy was home with Isabella and started getting their coats on to go home. So Miss Olivia goes and sits down next to her backpack and says "I wait for my Daddy." Ha! So I had to explain to her that she would be waiting a very long time for her Daddy.......or she could get in the car and go home with Mommy. Seriously!!!!! So she gets up and points down the hall and says "I go this way" and as she's passing by her teachers, she stops and says "Bye Miss XXX, bye Miss XXX. I see you later!"


And now for some sweetness.......although the girls fight quite a bit with eachother on some days, on most days they're very sweet with eachother. I took this picture the other day when they laid down together to catch an episode of.......guess who.

Love love love those girls!

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Amanda said...

We should start a support club for moms of kids who only want "my daddy." Apparently they have forgotten who gave them life :-)