Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh joy.

Joy, joy, joy. Pure bliss, actually, for Bella. See.

All that sleeping. She's starting to have just a little more awake time, but more often than not, we find our littlest one snoozing away....which was most helpful today as I flew solo with all three girls while Daddy got out for some much deserved golf. Personally, I thought they were nuts when I saw all the frost on the ground.....but hey -- it wasn't me going out in the chilly morning air. We all have different definitions of fun, right?!?!

So today was my first big "Mommy day" and it went quite well. I spent most of the time wiping noses because yes, dear friends, we have yet another cold. D and I have been debating on whether it's a new cold or just that the old one never went away. I'm going with new - we had a few days of dry noses and no coughing. Needless to say we stayed home (both because of the colds and also because I wasn't about to take all 3 girls out alone!) and played and played.

It was a good day and luckily the adult prevailed!!

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