Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The girls have recently discovered stickers......or "stick-ahs" as Sofia calls them. And they love them. See.........
They make great shirt sleeves.....I mean accessories, don't you think??!!!
Olivia was so serious about getting the stickers off the pages!
She also walked around with a piece of the sticker outline stuck to her nose - ha! Shhh...don't tell her it wasn't a real sticker.....after all......it stuck, right?!?! And as you can probably imagine, we're now finding stickers (the real ones or the "stickers") all over the house and even randomly stuck to us - ha. Hey.....it beats art on the walls, right?!!
Santa Claus is thinking stickers will make great stocking stuffers this Christmas. Mommy is thinking stickers will make a great bribe to encourage the girls to walk from the car to their classroom for MMO. Yep....while they may do really well with not crying when we leave them, they still prefer to not walk to their room. We still have a few more months to work on this before I go back to work and D is left to get them in while also carrying Isabella. We'll get there....we've already had 2 days that I consider a success......no matter that the girls protested all.the.way from the car.... they still walked!!
Unfortunately we won't be practicing our walking tomorrow.......the girls have, once again, come down with colds -- ugh. We've stocked up on hand soap, tissue and cleaning wipes and are settling in for a loooooong winter. Ugh. Did I already say that?? It's worth repeating --- UGH!! I've even got a bit of a cold this time and we're trying so hard to keep Bella healthy. So far so good and I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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Jessica said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed too! Had to chuckle at your comment about finding stickers around the house and even on you...Jonathan was attacked by the sneaky sticker monster Monday and we didn't find it until the kids went to bed! LOL!