Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

From our family to yours!

I put 2 pictures up so you could see both of the girls' faces. It just occurred to me that we have photo editing software that would probably let me transfer one of the girls' heads to the other picture so both are looking forward.......but I haven't the slightest idea how to use that software. Mental note......learn to use Photoshop Elements.

We had a great day today......we got to spend time with family on both sides......ate tons of good food......and....
celebrated my dad's (Papa's) fifty-ahem-th birthday! The girls practiced and practiced singing "Happy Birthday dear Papa".....and they wouldn't sing it when we were giving dad the cake (they were too interested in making sure we knew they loved birthday cake!) and when they did finally sing it on their own, they sang it for Grandma instead of Papa - haha. Hey....they're two.

Needless to say -- the girls skipped their nap today. It's a big skip when they're used to taking naps of at least 2 1/2, usually 3 hours each afternoon, but I must say they were very good despite not having a nap. We only had one broken object (sorry, Grandma!) and very little tears. It was quite funny, though -- around 6:30 this evening, Olivia went to my mom and said "Grandma, put socks on." Grandma helped her put her socks on......then she wanted her shoes on. Grandma obliged. Then she said "Okay - I go home." and proceeded to get down from Grandma's lap and go stand at the front door. Then the tears came. I'm not sure if she was crying because we were laughing or if she was crying because we weren't moving fast enough to get her home. Of course we started packing up to get 2 sleepy little girls home (Miss Bella didn't care -- she slept off and on all day!).

It was a great day. We are truly blessed and so thankful!

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