Monday, November 29, 2010

Bath time!

Miss Bella was finally able to have her first "real" bath on Thursday.
I think she liked it. evidenced by the fact that she didn't cry, she didn't hate it so I think it was a success! May I take a second and pat myself on the if you'll remember - Thursday was Thanksgiving. We had to be at D's parents' house at noon and had to prepare a couple of dishes for dinner with my family at 2......(stay with me - the back-patting is coming) we had our normal morning routine of breakfast, an episode of Dora, etc.......AND prepared said food, gave THREE kiddos baths (including a quick photo session for the big first bath), got ourselves ready....and we made it. ON TIME. (Pat, pat, pat). That's patting for D, too, because I certainly didn't do all that by myself!

I know, I know. You're not impressed. And that's okay. But trust me......some days it's like herding cats around here so getting anywhere on time is a big deal. Throw in three baths and a couple of food dishes and, well.....pat, pat, pat!! Haha.

We had a great weekend including a cousin's birthday party (and I think we've found where we're going to have the girls' third birthday party!) and a very full day of shopping. Me, my sister, my mom and Bella headed out yesterday morning and spent all day shopping. All day. As in we left around 9am and got home at 9pm. Miss Bella was an excellent shopper and spent all day sleeping and looking cute.

And now we're having a lazy day at home and doing a lot of the above as well!

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Amanda said...

I'm impressed! That definitely calls for a major pat on the back!! (and we only have two!)