Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2am cocktails's cocktails around the clock for this little one......
She looks so casual about it, doesn't she....with her legs crossed and her hands on her knee.

I took Bella for an unexpected visit with the pediatrician today. It appears she's having an issue with acid reflux. We've caught it early so thankfully it hasn't yet affected her eating or her weight gain. As a matter of fact - Miss Bella weighed in at a hefty 9lb 4oz at the visit today -- big girl!! So it's early but it's still a problem and we hate to see her in any kind of pain.

We left the pediatrician with a prescription and a recipe for Bella's cocktails......formula, rice cereal, gas relief drops and every now and then a little dark Karo syrup. Sounds........ugh, right??'s supposed to help so we'll see. Poor thing.

On to the funny part. So after leaving the doctor I called D to let him know how the visit went and I could hear the girls giggling in the background. D tells me "So.....Sofia just took off her shirt.....and now she won't let me put it back on." (Milestone -- she's never been able to take off her shirt before - ha!). So we laugh about it and I head home. When I walked in to the house, I see both Olivia and Sofia running around without their shirts (two milestones!). Monkey see, monkey do, right??

"Olivia.....where's your shirt?" (keep in mind this is the same shirt we couldn't peel off her earlier)

"It's right there!"

"Can you put your shirt back on?"

"No. I no wan-it!" And she continues on to play.

We're laughing about it and then Sofia takes off her pants. We had to put our foot down when she started working on her diaper and thankfully she forgot about it.

All I can think about is either one or both of the girls pulling this little stunt somewhere outside of our house.........oh my. But....we'll deal with that if (when?) the time the mean time, it's back to my little Princess who happens to be finally sleeping peacefully next to me.

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