Sunday, November 14, 2010

A hard life....and a name change?

It's tough being a newborn in this house.......
That's what Isabella would tell you if she could talk......or if she could stay awake longer than a minute! You know.....all those minutes in the day when we make her sleep without being held. Or those minutes she has to wait while we prepare her bottle. Bless her heart!! D and I talked about it.....we're going to change her name to incorporate "Princess". Princess's perfect, no?!?!

It's definitely perfect......and D and I totally admit to our part in grooming our little Princess. Neither one of us can put her down or stand to hear her cry.......and we're starting to see how much Miss Bella prefers to be held versus laying on her own. D and I were joking about it just today......"You realize we're totally spoiling her!" Yes......I hand her over!!

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