Saturday, October 9, 2010

A new kind of fun

The girls have found a new use for our furniture. Gymnastics equipment and launch pad. And what does any good parent do?? Well they take pictures, of course!! Duh.

We've noticed Olivia has started taking on the role of "Little Mommy" she's pointing to the chair and is saying "Sit down, Pia. Sit down!" When Sofia doesn't listen, we hear "No, no Pia -- sit down!!" Ha.
We did a little re-arranging in the family room to accommodate Isabella's pack-n-play and the only place for the girls' chairs is in front of the fireplace.......which, unfortunately, creates a step up to the big chair. And the girls figured that one out in a matter of minutes.
As a rule we don't let the girls jump on the furniture. We've never made a rule about jumping off the furniture because........well........we've never had to. Until now.

Sofia is the one jumping -- Olivia, always the more cautious one, never did jump. She would stand up at the edge and sort of bounce saying "Jump!" but then would sit back down and slide off the edge and go back to the pink chair to start all over again while exclaiming "Mommy! This is fun!" Sofia, always the daredevil, didn't hesitate one bit before jumping, also exclaiming "This fun, Mommy!" Mmmmmhmmmm. I bet it is!
One thing I can say, though, is all that jumping completely wore the girls out. Part of our new bedtime routine lately has been extreme protesting.......but not on this night. After their bath, D put the girls to bed and there wasn't a single tear. Hmmmm. After taking these pictures, we did create a soft landing place with all those blankets you see in the pictures above. After all.......a broken limb would certainly bring more tears than going to bed, right??!!!

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