Thursday, October 14, 2010

Personal best!!

Had my 36 week appointment today.........36w2d, to be exact -- a personal best!!! We did an ultrasound first and they are estimating Miss Isabella weighs about 6lb 15oz -- which is about 37w3d. Big girl!! They said everything looked great --- she was practicing breathing and she's pretty much out of room -- we couldn't even get a good look at her face, but we think she has a good bit of hair!! We could see a foot and a hand. The funny thing was when I was looking at the ultrasound screen trying to see her foot or hand, and I realized I was looking at a couple of fingers trying to see her whole hand! I was surprised at how big it was! This full-term baby-thing is all new to me!!!

So. My next appointment is Tuesday when I'll be 37 weeks. My doctor told me if I made it to 39 weeks, we'll schedule delivery for 11/4.......but I'm placing my bets on an October baby. (Bella....if you're listening to Mommy.......just not on Halloween - haha!) Not that there's anything wrong with Halloween. Or babies born on Halloween. I would just prefer something earlier - haha! We shall see!

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Jessica said...

Woo-hoo! Way to go! :) How about Oct 30?? I'd be honored to share that special day w/ Miss Isabella!