Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Full Term - Woo hoo!! (Updated)

So it was a pretty quiet visit today.......basically everything looks good and we just keep on waiting. I have dilated to about 3 so she said she would still be surprised if I made it another 2 weeks to my scheduled delivery date. I'm to watch for either my water breaking or for my contractions to become more regular and head to the hospital. Otherwise - my next appointment is a week from today. I know she'll come when she's ready.......but the planner in me hates the unknown!! And. I was in labor with the girls long enough to dilate to 7 and I'll never forget that pain....so I'd really like to avoid that this time around if at all possible - hahaha! So! Babywatch 2010 continues.................

Original message:

That's right, people! Yours truly has officially reached full term! And it only took 5 weeks of bedrest, a few trips to the hospital and a couple of different meds to get here. But hey -- who's counting, right??!! And technically, I'm supposed to keep going for another three weeks but.....eh....minor details.

Today the meds stop. Today the strict bedrest changes to something a little less strict. But let's face it -- after 5 weeks and (ahem) more pounds, no one is jumping up off this couch any time soon - haha!

It's Babywatch 2010......and I'm still watching. I'm trying to convince Miss Bella that it's much more comfortable on the outside.....doesn't she want to stretch out?! My appointment is today around 11 so I'll be back in a bit for an update.

Full term - woo hoo! I never thought I'd see the day. And honestly.....now that I've seen it, I'm now just ready to see our new little one!!