Friday, October 8, 2010

It's a hard-knock life.........

Remember Little Orphan Annie? How about Little Orphan Olivia........
Haha. The girls used to be terrified of the vacuum cleaner - hand-held or the regular one. Imagine my surprise when, today, Olivia came running into the family room saying "Mommy! I bacuum mess!!" and she turned on the cleaner and proceeded to vacuum places on the carpet. We had started running the vacuum cleaner on one floor while the girls were on the other floor where they could still hear it so we could get them used to it and they would not be so scared. When they would ask what Daddy was doing, I would always tell them Daddy was vacuuming up their mess - haha!

Funnier still was when it was Carter's turn to vacuum......Olivia walked around the family room pointing out all the "mess". "Here,'s a mess."

How's that for teamwork??!!!!!!!!

And if that wasn't enough, Daddy gained a little helper when it was time to sweep up after dinner.
Do you know how hard it was to get the broom away from her and to get her to go and play??
Oh yes. There were tears. Funny that there will come a day when there will be tears because she's asked to sweep the floor. We should take this enthusiasm while we can get it, huh??!!! Oh. And notice Sofia is nowhere to be found in any of these pictures. Hmmmmmm. Foreshadowing??!!!!!

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