Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Mommy. I. love. pandas."

That's our "thing" these days. And boy do we love lots of things. Popsicles, waffles, bananas, yogurt, toys, cars, outside.......and on and on. On Thursday, it was "Mommy. I. love. pandas." It was that matter of fact. We have this door-stop-thing on the girls' bedroom door that looks like a panda and that's where Sofia first saw it......unfortunately for her it's not a toy so she wasn't allowed to play with it. Imagine her surprise when we just happened to have a hoodie outfit with a panda on it:
She doesn't look surprised here, but trust me - she was thrilled about wearing a panda on Thursday when they left for her eye procedures. She was so thrilled that D said she probably cried the hardest at the office when she had to take her clothes off in exchange for a hospital gown. It's a serious love she has, I tell you!

So serious, this love of pandas, that Daddy decided to take the girls to Build-a-Bear for their very own panda. Daddy's quite the hero around the house these days.

Well. From the looks on their faces and the avoidance of the camera I can tell you Dora is still bigger than even Daddy, but trust me. The pandas are a huge hit!
I just hope the things they love will always be $16 or less - haha! Keep dreaming, right?!?!

In other news, we've made it to October and still no Bella. Several weeks ago I asked her to please hold off until at least October. I think she took me literally because yesterday, on the 1st, my contractions started increasing which earned me a quick trip to the hospital. My doctor's office closes at noon on Friday so they had me by-pass their office and go straight to the hospital. Some monitoring and a dose of brethine later, we were on our way back home. Nice try, little girl!! I guess I should have been more specific in asking her to hold off until mid-October, huh?!!

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