Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween sneak peek

(excuse the spacing......I'm not sure what's going on with blogger today)
Oh come didn't think I would spoil the cuteness and show you the whole thing, did you??!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had been thinking what to do for the girls for Halloween. I love homemade Halloween costumes but I just don't have that kind of creative bone in my body. I'm a numbers girl.....and you're just not supposed to be that creative when it comes to numbers!! My initial thought was to take the very cute pink tutus we already have........add fairy wings, a tiara and appropriate fairy-like-but-that-can-also-be-worn-outside-in-cooler-weather pants/leggings and a shirt and *poof*....a fairy princess. But then I thought about how D wouldn't be too fond of having to search for just the right set of wings and tiara coupled with the fact that my attempts at creating costumes never really turn out the way I envision (or maybe they do and my visions are the problem??!!)....and I decided to hit the www.
D has this insane fondness for superheroes so when I came across these two costumes, I knew they were it! And trust me..........there's a lot of cuteness going on! We tried them on the girls last night and they were hilarious running around going "Ta-daaaaaaaaa!" We've not decided if this is the year the girls get their first trick-or-treating experience or if we just let them hang out at the house and help hand out candy. I'll either be extremely pregnant or we'll have a new baby, so I'll be staying home, but we may let them try out a few of the houses on our street.
In the meantime, if you need us we'll be practicing our "trick-or-treats" and preparing to fight crime!!!!!

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