Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sofia update

Sofia had her eye procedure this morning. I definitely realize that, on the grand scale of medical procedures, this one is at the bottom but still. They were putting my baby to sleep and I was a nervous wreck! I went to bed at 3am and woke up at 6:30am. I got teary when my mom brought Sofia downstairs to get dressed to go (don't forget.....pregnancy hormones!!). I think it was all compounded by the fact that I couldn't go with them and the unsettling phone call I had with the surgery center yesterday (more on that in just a sec).

So my mom went with D and my grandmother came over to hang out with me and Olivia. They had to be at the surgery center at 8am for the procedure to start at 9 so I was surprised when my mom called at 8:30 to tell me they had just taken her back. I was even more surprised when D called around 8:50 to tell me they were done! He had not yet gone back to see her, but the nurse had come out to let them know they were done and had moved her to recovery and by around 9:10 D called me again to let me know he was sitting with Sofia and she was starting to wake up. Whew. I need a nap!!

The doctor said she did great - no complications - and she believes the procedure will be successful. She said Sofia's tear ducts were very narrow so the balloon catheter procedure opened them up. I just talked to D again and they're heading home.

So about the phone call I mentioned above. We had asked all kinds of questions when we were in the doctor's office a few weeks ago and we were comfortable with the procedure. Yesterday when the surgery center called for a pre-op medical assessment, the lady gave me totally conflicting information from what time we had to be there, to Sofia having an IV, going under general anesthesia and being intubated. I sort of flipped out and told her I wasn't so comfortable anymore. I don't think she realized how much she freaked me out until I said that so she started back-tracking and told me to go with what my doctor said.

At the end of the day we would have continued with the procedure because that's what it best for Sofia, but still. I like to know what I'm walking in to, ya know?!! D re-asked all questions this morning and we were thankful to realize things would be as our doctor had explained to us. All that stress for nothing. And for a pregnant woman on bedrest, stress is no good!!

But! Sofia is home. She's back to her old self. Things are are all good. Whew. I see a nap in my very near future!!!

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