Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Growing so fast!!

I'm not talking about me.....although that would also be a true statement - ha! - but I'm talking about these two sweet little girls.......
They still seem so little to me but at the same time they're growing so fast! D and I have been talking about how it seems like, overnight, the girls are all of a sudden talking in complete sentences. I'm not even kidding -- it really seems like it's overnight. And sometimes it's the funniest complete sentences:

"Mommy, what you doing?"
"Mommy, what's that?"
"I see the moon up in the sky! Let's go get it!"
"Bye guys. I go to school today!"
"What's going on?" (This one is a particular favorite of mine -- I was trying to fix one of the girls' toys and Olivia walked over to me and said this. I almost fell over laughing!)
"Daddy, that's a really big truck!"
"Daddy I want orange juice please."

And on and on. We just can't believe it. I mean - of course we talk to the girls all the time and whenever they say something in broken sentences, we always repeat the full sentence, but still. I've just been so surprised at how they seem to have flourished overnight.

I also love that they are starting to be able to tell us what they want, what they like and don't like, and how we can ask them to do things and more often than not, they do. Olivia was standing at the bottom of the stairs and I brought her shoes down.....when I asked her to please take the shoes to Daddy and he would help her put them on, she takes off to the family room saying "Daddy.......put my shoes on!" And they love to throw trash away. We practice that one all the time - haha. "Here, Mommy, here's trash!"

We were walking through the store today (I'm allowed to do that now, ya know!) and I was pushing them in their stroller. They were singing the alphabet song at the top of their lungs. Ordinarily I would be trying to get them to be quiet or rushing the trip to get them out of the store, but it was so darn cute to hear those two little voices singing the alphabet. We got lots of looks (you get used to that....people are fascinated by multiples) and lots of smiles. Some of those smiles turned to looks of sympathy when people noticed me and how massively pregnant I am, but today that didn't bother me. It really bothered me yesterday but hey -- my two little angels were singing the alphabet - haha.

So this post turned into a little bragging but seriously. Look at those sweet faces.....

(Taken last week......Olivia's mouth wasn't in great shape but she was starting to feel better. She's just about 100% now - and I've even been able to finally brush her teeth with a toothbrush....and that's a major feat!)

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