Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Isabella!

I've said this a million times over the past couple of days....... I can't believe she's here:

Isabella Danielle
October 21, 2010
7lb 14oz & 20" long
And absolutely gorgeous if I do say so myself!!! We knew she had a lot of hair, but we were still surprised at how much and how dark!!!

I made it to 37w2d and in the operating room when they announced her weight, D and I said "What??!!!" hahaha! She's a big girl for being 3 weeks early.

Everyone is doing well - I'm still having a considerable amount of pain from the surgery, but it's getting better each day. I've not slept much since we arrived at the hospital and I can barely keep my eyes open. We're hoping to go home tomorrow and I'll be back soon with more pictures and details from the big day!

I can't believe she's here!

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Jessica said...

Congrats! She's a beauty.