Monday, September 20, 2010


The girls have really started playing together more versus playing independently where they would usually be playing side-by-side, just not interacting as much with eachother. We notice they'll say to eachother "Come on Oliv-a....let's go slide" or "Come on, Pia, let's jump!"

We took this picture on Saturday -- they had been bouncing balls around the house and usually Olivia comes to me or D and says "Sit down, Mommy (Daddy)" and we roll the ball back and forth with her. A current favorite game of hers. At one point, D had rolled the ball with her through the little tunnel we have and on Saturday, we watched them play together rolling the ball back and forth through the tunnel.
I love watching them play together. Of course, there's plenty of fighting over toys and exclamations of "Share!" (usually from the one who is trying to steal said toy!) so it's a work in progress, but it makes me smile to hear them playing and carrying on conversations with eachother.

But. This also means they've really learned how to work together to tag-team Mommy and Daddy. Nap time is usually pretty uneventful - sometimes there's some protest from the girls, but usually they're sufficiently tired after lunch. So the other day, D puts them down for a nap and Sofia goes "Nie-night, Daddy. Take a nap!" All the while smiling and waving. Um yes. Clue #1. While naptime is usually uneventful, it's rarely met with that kind of eagerness!! So D goes into our room and pushes the door closed to give her a few minutes to get into whatever it is she has planned. He hears Olivia jabbering and hears other noises.

After a few minutes, he walks out of our bedroom (which directly faces their bedroom at the other end of the upstairs hallway). When he opens the door, he sees the door to their dresser open, the lower half of Sofia's body is hanging out, and clothes are just flying out all over the place! Olivia is laying on the floor in the doorway and gives a very loud "Hi Daddy!" which causes Sofia to stop what she's doing.....slide out of the dresser.....and stand there smiling. Yep. Livie was playing lookout, although I'm pretty sure after D went downstairs, their conversation involved how Livie should be a little earlier and less obvious with her warning that Daddy was coming - hahaha!

They've also figured out how, together, to pick up the gate we have blocking the bottom of the stairs. Clothes flying out of dressers, we can handle, two little girls roaming around upstairs (after climbing 16 stairs on their own) - not so much!!

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