Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The girls have been talking about slides for a while. When we go to the park, they love the slide....they cry when it's time to leave. At home, if the couch cushions from the back of the couch are on the floor, they'll set them up and try to slide down them. Quite smart of them, no??!! So Mommy and Daddy finally got the hint and found a new slide for the play room!



They love it! We hear "Sliiiiiiiiiiide!" Although it was interesting - Sofia is typically the fearless one and on Sunday, D and I were in the living room while the girls were playing and we hear "Help!" "Help you, Mommy!" "Stuck!" "Daddy, help you!" (I love the "help you"...I just can't bring myself to correct it!). So we go into the playroom and Sofia is standing on the steps of the slide calling for us to help her. We're not sure why, all of a sudden, she's developed a fear of climbing on to the slide -- she hasn't fallen off of it. And I should say a partial fear.....if we don't rescue her in time, she quickly gets over it!
Oh. And what fun would a slide be if you didn't send every.single.toy you own down the slide?? And even more fun than that?? Stopping at the bottom.....standing up.....and JUMP!


Jessica said...

Love it, love it, love it! I would LOVE to know where you guys got it as I am considering one for I&K's playroom.

Amanda said...

Too cute! As an aside, I was just about to send my sister your link so she could see the picture of the girls in their tutus (sp?), and when I clicked on it you had just replaced that picture!!!!