Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Things I find myself saying........

I've started really listening to the things that come out of my mouth lately with the girls......and with two very active toddlers, it's really quite hilarious when you think about it. After the fact. In the moment, not so funny! So for your entertainment.....things I find myself saying from the past few weeks:

"Olivia.....do NOT hit your sister with that golf club"

"Girls.....no jumping in the bathtub"

"Sofia.....I said no jumping in the bathtub - you're going to break your head open"

"Olivia, please take your finger out of your nose."...." Yes ma'am, that's your nose, but you don't have to put your finger in it."

"Sofia.....if I tell Olivia 'No', that doesn't mean you get to do it"

"We don't pinch Mommy"

"Olivia.....do NOT bite your sister"

"Sofia....I asked you to please not jump on the stairs"

"I know you want Grandma, but Mommy is the only one here right now."

"Ice cream? We don't get ice cream when we don't eat our dinner."

They really do keep us hopping!!

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