Friday, September 3, 2010

As if one big event weren't enough.........

See this face..........
Cute, right? I agree. Quite cute. Angelic. Sweet. Mischievous. Wait......not mischievous. This face? More on that in a minute. But first..........

We had orientation for Mother's (er...Daddy's) Morning Out yesterday morning. The girls will be going 2 days a week, starting on Tuesday and we're pretty excited about it. I know it will be good for them to be with other kids and it will be good for D as well. Oh. And if there's a little peer pressure towards potty training......bonus. Ahem.

So we're walking down the hallway to find their classroom and it hits me. This is the beginning of their educational career. I mean...I know it's a small step but here we were....walking down a hallway towards a classroom, the girls toddling in front of us. And then when we get to the classroom, there are cubbies and charts and I see their names on the wall with all the other kids. This is it. The girls were a little shy when we first went in but, true to form, after a couple of minutes they were settling in. The classroom is in a new wing and they've not fully moved in yet so the room was pretty bare, but Olivia found the puzzles right away and Sofia wasn't too far behind. We met their teachers who seem extremely nice. And the paperwork. Times 2! Oh and we also found the potty........the cute kid-sized potty and sink. Of course the girls were immediately interested in flushing the potty and then "wash hands!" We're just missing the beginning part of that process. Eh. Minor details, right??!! But my girls will have the cleanest hands around!

So it was a great visit and we're interested to see how they're going to do on Tuesday. I'm interested to see how D will do. I think Daddy is going to have the hardest time of all! You know there will be pictures to come! When we were driving home, I was looking through their folders and I found the supplies list. Pencil boxes......crayons.....glue sticks. You mean I get to go shopping for office supplies?? Bonus!!

Now. Back to this face.

I use this face not to single out one or the other of the girls......let's face it (no pun intended!)....sometimes even I have trouble identifying the girls in pictures. But just a picture of sweetness and innocence for both girls.

Now. See this hair.......

Looks like she's sweating, right? Maybe just came from a bath? No. And No.

So I'm in my office at work yesterday talking to someone and my phone rings. I let it go to voicemail, but notice it's D calling. Then my cell rings. It's around 5pm so I expect he's calling to see if I'm heading home. But then my office phone rings again. He doesn't usually do that - he usually knows I just can't take his call. So I pick up the phone and as "Hey, Baby" is coming out of my mouth I hear "I think the girls drank baby oil."

Huh? He repeats. Baby oil? Yes, honey, baby oil. Apparently there was a bottle in one of their dresser drawers and, in the process of emptying out every single drawer when they were supposed to be napping, they found said baby oil. D's not 100% sure they drank it, but D's first clue was Olivia when they were leaving their bedroom to go downstairs....she goes "Wait, Daddy" and grabs the empty bottle and turns it up to take a drink.

I gave him the # for poison control so he calls that first. I'm not sure why that came to my mind before the pediatrician's office, other than it was a quicker response than calling....telling the pedi's office what happened, and then waiting for the nurse to call back. We did call the pedi's office even though poison control said they should be fine.

And they are. They're just fine. But geesh! Two big events in one day........orientation and let's call it our first medical emergency. We'll repeat only one of those events next week, okay??!!!

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