Thursday, September 16, 2010


There's a test my doctor does each time I've been for a visit -- it's called a fetal fibronectin test. From what I understand, this test checks to see if the baby is releasing a hormone that tells the mother's body it's time to get ready for delivery. "They" say a positive test could mean delivery sooner rather than later, but it's not an exact predictor. But. Needless to say -- it's better to have a negative test than positive. That's my understanding of the meaning of the test. I refuse to google it in the best interest of my mental sanity. I learned a long time ago to not google anything medical or I drive myself crazy.

Guess how my test from yesterday turned out. Yep. Positive. They've always been negative until yesterday and the nurse called me this morning to let me know the results were positive. As a result, they wanted to give me steroid shots today and tomorrow to help Isabella's lungs mature. Initially the plan was to call the meds in to my local pharmacy -- I pick them up on my way to the office -- and they give me the shot today and tomorrow and I go home on strict bedrest. But. None of the pharmacies could get the meds in today -- it would be tomorrow at the earliest so my doctor had me come to her office first and then sent me back to the hospital. Overnight this time. I had a steroid shot today and will get another one tomorrow and they're also monitoring me for contractions and treating me with different meds for those.

Here's hoping I go home tomorrow and here's hoping Miss Bella stays put for a few more weeks at the very least!!

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Megan W said...

Oh yuck, I'm so sorry! But I'm so glad you made it to 32 - the magic point where the chances of long-term issues drop so dramatically. Hold on a little longer Mama!!