Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This kid......
total drama queen!! In this picture, she was running around the kitchen yelling "Hollywood!!"

Shortly afterwards, we had taken the girls outside (this was Saturday) to play. We were blowing bubbles and the girls were running all over the place trying to pop them. Easy entertainment for an hour! At one point, Sofia fell down and D and I both were asking her if she was okay. We were quite attentive, but not so much that it would scare her into crying. Sofia stood up, brushed her hands off and said "I'm okay."

The whole time Olivia was standing to the side......not the center of attention. So after Sofia got up and started playing, Olivia looked at me and D and got down on her knees on the ground.....you know.....like she, too, had fallen. It took us a few seconds to realize what she was doing and what she wanted. Ohhhhhh. "Olivia, are you okay?"

She smiles.....gets up.....says "I'm okay!" and goes on her way.

Total drama queen, no??!!!

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