Friday, July 30, 2010

What's gonna work.....

teeeeaaaaaamwork! don't watch Wonderpets? Linny.....Tuck.....and Ming-Ming, too?

We've been doing a lot of re-arranging between bedrooms.....dismantling the man-cave (sorry, Babe!)....dismantling cribs.....assembling big girl beds.... preparing the nursery, which includes moving things the girls no longer use from their room to Isabella's room. Including toys the girls have not seen in months.

While we were putting their beds together, the girls were exploring all the "new" toys they've not seen in a while and we watched them push this toy up and down the hallway probably for half an hour. Together. Just like this.....
They were chatting away with eachother.....I so wish I could have understood what they were saying to eachother. Every now and then we would hear a "No, no, Pia!" or "Oliv-a......" but it was so sweet to watch them together. Teamwork!

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