Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big brother

I looked up Sunday morning and saw Sofia sharing the couch with Barley. How sweet is this?!
They stayed like this for a while, but then Barley must have started invading Sofia's space because she would turn to look at him and would say "No, no, Barley - get down". When Barley didn't do as she asked, she stood up from the couch. And just stood there watching tv....every now and then she would turn back to him and say "Get down". I finally stood up and made Barley get down and Sofia promptly went back to her spot on the couch. Too funny!

We had a huge thunderstorm on Monday night -- the lightening was amazing and the thunder sounded like it was right on top of our house. Since it hit around 10:30, I knew there was no way the girls would stay sleeping. Sure enough - after the first large clap of thunder, I hear Olivia calling for me and Sofia calling for.......Grandma. I had to chuckle at that one, but in her defense, Grandma had been here that evening and she did help me put the girls to bed. Why wouldn't she come back when Sofia called?!?!

So I go to their room and both are sitting up in bed and are not too happywith the thunder. They were better once I was there. Usually when it thunders, they'll stop and say "I hear funder! Do you hear funder, Mommy?!" So I thought I'd make it like we always do and I said "I hear thunder!" the next time there was thunder.....and Olivia says "No! No funder!" She just wanted to sleep in peace and quiet. And darkness, which we were not getting with all the lightening. During one of the lightening spells I looked at Olivia and she had her hands wrapped in her blanket and she was pressing them against her face. Poor kid!

They finally went back to sleep.....and so did Mommy. Those snazzy new twin beds are quite comfy!!

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