Sunday, July 11, 2010

Says Olivia

I was laying on the couch with Olivia Friday night and we were practicing identifying parts of her body. It's a game we play often and it goes something like....

Me: "Where's your ear?"
Olivia points to her ear
Me: "Where's your other ear?"
Olivia points to her other ear

And on and on. Friday night she just couldn't get enough and after we'd go over every part, she would say "Doit 'gin, Mommy". So we did. Again and again and again. I stopped after about the tenth time and Olivia decided to continue the game herself:

Olivia: "Where's your nose?"
Olivia sticks a finger in one of her nostrils.
Olivia: "Where's your other nose?"
Olivia sticks her finger in her other nostril.

We laughed so hard until I cried.

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