Monday, June 7, 2010

Update on sleeping in "big girl beds"

So last night went pretty well.......I checked on the girls before I went to bed after midnight and Sofia was still sleeping soundly in her bed and Olivia made it back to the floor --- in front of her own bed this time. She can be a light sleeper so I made sure she had her blanket and I left her there.

Fast forward to 5am when we hear Sofia (their cries are pretty distinct now) sort-of crying. They'll do that sometimes so we give them a few minutes to see if they go right back to sleep or if it's one of the "Hey - I'm awake come get me" sort-of crying. D's first thought........"Let's just bring them and put them in our bed." Um. What? "I really hope you're sleeping and not thinking about what you're saying!!"

So I walk down the hall and I can see Sofia standing at the gate in their doorway holding on to the rungs at the door with her blanket. When I told her she needed to go back to bed, she turned around and headed back over towards her bed, stopping to lay down on the pillows in front of her bed. I put her in her bed and sat there with her.........and by this time Olivia is awake and is crawling in to Sofia's bed as well. I let Olivia stay there and I thought they both were going back to sleep. I started slowly making my way to the door but Olivia caught me and came over and crawled in my lap.

I put Olivia in her bed and asked her why she was crying. She just sat there and looked at me. I gave her a book and just sat on the floor -- I didn't make her lay down, but I did make her stay in her bed. She finally gave up trying to get out and started flipping the pages of her book. Olivia loves books. She sleeps with books like they're stuffed animals - it's so funny and kind of cute. I could hear her counting as she turned the pages --- all fine - she was in her bed!

When I got up to get ready for work, Olivia had fallen asleep in her bed and Sofia was still sound asleep.....on the floor in front of her bed!!!

So! It could have gone a little better, but it definitely could have gone much much worse, too. We'll take it. I'm anxious to hear from D how nap time goes today.........why do I have a feeling that nap time will consistently be in our bed from now on?!?!?!?!

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