Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beach trip 2010

We just returned home from our family beach trip. 6 full, glorious days at the beach with D and the girls, my parents and Aunt Ra-Ra, Uncle C and Carter. We had cooler than expected, and absolutely perfect, weather......we had little internet access.......only one day that was rained out (but cleared up by the afternoon). It was awesome. The only bummer was on Friday, the day before we left, I had a doctor's appointment with the maternal-fetal specialist where I learned I'm starting to show signs similar to when I was pregnant with the girls which ultimately put me on bedrest. Quite the bummer. So I'm back to weekly visits (where I had moved to once every two weeks) and was sent on vacation with strict instructions to not lift anything and to not walk excessively. Read no long walks on the beach. I know, I know......perfect time to kick back and relax.....and I did.....but there was always just a hint of guilt at having to plant myself in a chair and watch while other people chased the girls all over the beach.

Despite that setback, we had a fantastic time and I have a gazillion pictures to prove it!! Here are just a few.....I'll have more soon when Aunt Ra-Ra and I trade pics we took with each of our cameras.

So. What did we do all week?? Well...............

We had popsicles for breakfast.
We built sand castles.
We went running down the beach. Well. We as in usually Olivia and an adult other than me.
We checked out the ocean. Here's Olivia and Daddy. She wasn't a huge fan -- during her many trips down the beach, she would always weave towards the beach to get away from the tide coming at her feet. Sofia, on the other hand, LOVED the ocean. L.O.V.E.D. it.
We checked out the amusement park. Don't be fooled, though.....shortly after this picture was taken, and before the ride started, Sofia decided maybe this wasn't for her and insisted she get off the ride. So Olivia rode solo and loved it.
We took a break and checked in on Dora.
We chilled out in the shade.
And more running.............
We buried Carter in the sand.
We dug.....and dug.....and dug. When Olivia wasn't running, and Sofia wasn't jumping at the water's edge, they were stuck in the sand.
Whew. All that running sometimes made for one tired little girl. (See the beach towel.....I'm telling you - there were days when it was actually a little cool sitting on the beach in the shade of the umbrella. It was truly awesome to not have to deal with the swealtering heat we were expecting.)
We threw sand.
We threw fits. (That could only be remedied by Grandma).
And we usually ended each day on the beach with a nice long nap.
It was truly a great vacation. Time with family was great and the girls were so good. We were disappointed when the week was over but at the same time, it was nice to get home this afternoon. The girls hit the house running and I think they have played with every single one of their toys since we've been home.
I must admit.......after this week with Grandma and Papa, I was sure we were going to have to ask them to move in. It was all about them this week and not much for Mommy and Daddy. At one point, D looked at me and said "Have you realized that we're pretty much non-existent to the girls this week??!!!". But. I can happily report that the girls still remember their Mommy and Daddy - haha!
That's all for's time to wrangle babies to bed and get some rest. I'll have more pictures soon! Oh. And pictures with the girls in a different bathing suit - haha.

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